Gender and Education Association

Join GEA or Renew your GEA Membership

All presenters and attendees of the GEA conference must be GEA members. Please become a member or renew your membership before you register for the conference:

GEA membership rates: £30 for standard membership; £15 for reduced/student membership (proof of eligibility required). Please note that it may take up to three business days for your GEA membership or renewal to be processed as GEA only has part time administrative support.

About the Gender and Education Association

Formally established in 2002 (though active from 1997 onwards), the Gender and Education Association (GEA) works to challenge and eradicate sexism and gender inequality within and through education.

GEA seeks to: 

  • Produce, promote and disseminate feminist and other critical scholarship on gender and education.
  • Raise awareness about international, national and local policies and practices relating to gender and education.
  • Inform and ‘educate’ policy makers by campaigning for educational change, lobbying for gender equality and responding to national and international issues.
  • Create networks to encourage and generate the exchange of information and ideas between teachers, managers, academics and policy makers.
  • Embed within teaching and learning practices a commitment to achieving gender equality.
  • Update educators with the knowledge required to develop reflective and critical pedagogies that promote social justice.

We welcome anyone with interests in gender and education, including administrators, managers, researchers, students, teachers and youth workers.